Prepare a nutritious recipe using simple steps

Preparing different recipes in home is a best hobby because if we successfully prepared it we can repeat the same in special occasions to serve our beloved persons. In the internet we can find plenty of recipe preparation sites and this is one of the best among them. This site provides the useful tips and simple procedures for preparing healthy dishes with good sample images. Here we are going to learn how to prepare homemade kale chips with simple steps. It is a natural and healthy food and contains low calories so people who like to have light snack in their free time can try this in their home.

To prepare any dish we need particular ingredients and all those are used in a limited level to reach the expected taste. Preparing the kale chips also requires only small amount of ingredients which are purely natural and healthy. Initially we need a bunch of kale and it can be any type of kale but should be fresh in order to get the crispy taste after roasting it. Then we need 3 table spoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to fry it. Finally we need some additional ingredients like sea salt, pepper, garlic, lemon juice and paprika to add more taste but adding such item is only optional. Otherwise we can omit this and can simply make the chips with the kale.

We know that natural vegetables are come from the soils so it is necessary to wash them with pure water to reduce the inside dust. We can purchase the fresh kale in grocery store but it good to rinse them with cold water to make them fresher then we need to dry the kale using a salad spinner. We can rub the kale with the kitchen towel too and we must remove the as much water as possible to get the crispy taste after baking the kale. Otherwise it may produce the soggy taste which is not likeable and it will not get fried with the olive oil properly.

Cutting the kale into chip size is the important thing and we can also tear the kale as per the required size. Tearing them in big size would be useful because while baking the kale will shrink that’s why it is advised to cut or tear them a bit large size. Take a big sized plastic bag then we need to pour both kale and olive oil to be mixed well and we can rub or massage the whole pack to observe the oil completely. We can add more amount of olive oil if it is necessary and this will help the kale to crisp more while baking. Then we need to lay the kale out from the bag to place them in the cookie sheet for baking. To bake the chips in batches we may have to use multiple cookie sheets then we need to bake them for 35 minutes. Finally let them cool for five minutes and now homemade kale chips are ready to serve.



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